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Splendid Cleaners
Serving the laundry and dry cleaning needs of Los Angeles since 1950.

1226 South Cochran Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Tel. (323) 931-0242
Fax (323) 931-3038

Monday - Friday   7AM-7PM
Saturday             8AM-6PM

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Caring for your garments in Los Angeles since 1950

Splendid Cleaners was founded in the year 1950 by Herb and Sara Bernstein. From the very beginning, this husband and wife worked diligently to make their customers happy and satisfied with their service. Quality was always their number one priority and concern. Historical Splendid Cleaners building in Los Angeles It is no wonder why so many customers kept coming back and continue to bring their most valuable garments to Splendid Cleaners in Los Angeles. Over the years, many customers have moved away from the area, yet the distance has not kept them away.

In 1972, the founders of Splendid Cleaners sold the establishment to another hard-working couple who ran the business with a superior quality of service until 1983. In that year, a family of three brother-in-laws purchased Splendid Cleaners and established a family run business which remains to the present day.

In 1996, the store underwent a six month remodeling. Even with all the ongoing construction, quality service was never interrupted. The new design and colors were very much admired by customers and neighbors. Shortly thereafter, the store's operating system was computerized making possible faster and more efficient service. In April 2003, a brand new state of the art 5th generation dry cleaning machine was installed along with new pressing and finishing equipment.

That Machine was then replaced with a brand new environmentally safe and friendly dry cleaning machine in June 2016. This machine consumes a brand new solvent called KTEX which has been proven to provide the ultimate and best environmentally safe and friendly dry cleaning service.

Throughout the last 66 years, Splendid Cleaners has served as a trusted provider of quality cleaning service to Hollywood movie and television stars, comedians, singers, entertainers, and prominent figures in society. Quality has remained our top priority at Splendid Cleaners, and is the number one draw for our devoted clientele.

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Los Angeles dry cleaners, laundry and alteration services since 1950